Skullcandy Push wireless review

Skullcandy has been considered to be a brand for the youth and teens who like funky styles and latest trending designs. They have recently upgraded their game and introduced a very classy subtle model, Skullcandy Push wireless.

The initial image they portray isn’t very impressive as they might seem cheaper and plastic looking. The earbuds they have designed are in fact very light and comfortable to wear. Skullcandy has been a popular brand when it comes to earphones and headsets. With the growing competition, new brands are making affordable earbuds, especially as the wireless trend has taken over the market.

Skullcandy Push wireless is very good and durable. Moreover, you can buy this using AliExpress Coupons India at reasonable prices. Let’s take a good look at the various pros and cons of these earbuds to see whether they will be a good buy this year.

Design –

Skullcandy Push wireless is very lightweight. They may give a plastic look but they are comfortable and trendy. Each earbud has a physical button, which is basically the control button.

The available colors are teal and grey. In addition to earbuds, you will be getting a USB type C cable for charging, small ear gel, medium ear gel, charge case, warranty documents, and a quick start guide. They have a special angled design and they will surely fit very easily in your ears. This design won’t be available in the market in a similar price range.

The earbuds are convenient but to some, they may seem a little bulky. The bulk gets increased due to the buttons present on each earbud. The button is highly sensitive and you may take a while to get used to its functioning. They have provided the voice assistant feature and volume control. These features can be found in other earbuds too who have a similar price range.

Another interesting point is the charging case they provide. The charging case will protect the earbuds and also will keep charging them when you won’t be using them. This case is fragile and you need to handle it carefully. There are four LED lights in the case and a button so that you can check regarding the charging status. The case will charge the earbuds once and you will have to charge the case after one use. This could be trouble if you’re traveling.

The new Skullcandy Push wireless is IPX3, which means they are splash and sweat resistant. You can use them in the shower and listen to your favorite music. The earbuds have good sound quality. Their mid range is very well balanced and bass is medium. Some vocals of the songs seem less detailed but the bass is good. Passive isolation gets created and they make a seal, so no sound leaks.

The microphone of Skullcandy Push wireless works fine. The clarity isn’t very good and the other caller was seen to have trouble listening. You can’t use these to talk to clients or to make formal calls. But having a microphone is a plus point for them.

Bluetooth Range –

The highlight feature of Skullcandy Push wireless is that their Bluetooth is very efficient. The range offered by then is over 70ft. You can move around in your home listening to music and you won’t get any disruptions in connection. Use them during travels and workouts and even while working and you will feel comfortable always. They are lightweight and you won’t feel any sort of fatigue or irritation in your ears. You can easily wear them all day.

Battery Life –

These earbuds will work for over six hours with one charge. With the charging case, you get another portable charge already ready. The charging case will charge them again only once and they will need a recharge after that. In terms of battery life, there are multiple options available that you can easily buy using Flipkart Offers Today Special Offer.

Conclusion –

Being highly portable and light, they are perfect for traveling and work. You can carry the charging case along and you can charge your earbuds very easily. The case will take two hours to charge after one use. The sound quality and bass are good and you also get a warranty card along with the box. They look very cool, being wireless and classy. Their vocal clarity could have been better. But the rest of the features are impressive. You can buy the Skullcandy Push wireless earbuds for £99.99 and the colors available are grey or teal.