Must have features and estimated budget to develop a Matrimony mobile application in IOS

Finding a perfect groom or bride has never been so darn easy!  Remember those old days when finding Mr. Right and Ms. Right was nothing short of a walk on a bed full of thorns?

Now, with the help of this Matrimony app not only your work has been reduced by tons but also you can find your dream guy/girl just by the tap of your fingers. Now, how does that even sound? Nothing short of amazing?! I know, alright!

Register with us

Now, it is of no wonder that every app or at least to an extent most of the apps require their customers to register with them to get the utmost benefits provided by them. Some apps do it for free, some for money while some, give their users free trial for a certain period of time, say for like, 15 days or a month at the most.

What you can creatively give the users through the iPhone application development company perhaps can be the different methods of payments or different levels of payment if you really want to earn through your services. You can distinguish the different levels of payments on the basis of low, medium or high with attractive names like silver, gold, platinum memberships or anything of your choice.

Be the perfect matchmaker

Being the perfect matchmaker sounds as good as it really is. Who wouldn’t love to play as the Cupid for people now, eh?! But, as good as that sounds it is really that difficult, trust me. Meeting a person through an app and marrying them? I know it sounds extremely insane and crazy, obviously. So, you must not only create an app that would help your users to find their perfect partner but also, one that would make them trust you.

Narrow down the searches

Searching for a guy or girl through an app used by millions of people is way beyond difficult. The result could just come from any corner of the world and it’s just creepy to the core. You can add features to your matrimony iOS app that would help the users to narrow down their search to their preferred locality, culture, place, job and even looks.


Do not just forget to add the feature of connecting your app to Siri. Siri is just like a Google assistant which was specially made for iOS users. By connecting your app with Siri, the users can easily open the app by their mere voice command and also type in the search box just by saying it. It would also be as an added advantage to your app in generic sense per se, Siri would search and provide results that would ultimately satisfy their users.

Tap connections

After taking a like towards a person’s profile, the users would wish to interact with them and connect with them. If there are a lot many processes while connecting itself, the users may not have a good impression towards your app. By introducing tap connections, that is, instantaneous connections, you can make people connect as quickly as they would like.


Enable notifications through iOS software to notify your customers time and again about the various new features that you had added to your app, to notify when someone had liked their profile when someone they had liked had accepted their request, new offers and discounts and for much more.


Now, this is to be considered as one of the most important features of any app. Right from shopping apps to matrimony apps, chatting is highly essential. You can add a feature for the users to chat with their desired partners, for them to set up a perfect meeting spot etc. You can also add a chat box for them to chat with you whether to solve some of their doubts or even to raise a complaint against some user.

By trying to bring more benefit to your company as well, you can add more creative ideas like special chat features for premium users or so and so.

App optimization

The higher the number of features of the app, the higher would be the amount of space it would occupy in your user’s mobile phone. Try to reduce the size of your app as the more space it would take, the more it is likely for the customer to not download it sometimes. By minimizing the features you may lose a good amount of customers too. Just try managing between adding new features all the while not making them increase your app size!


Through the updated iOS software you can now easily add the mobile wallet facility and provide it to your customers. Your customers may have to compulsory subscribe to your premium plan if they want to relish your app’s benefits to the fullest. But, in order to do so, you may have to add wallet facility in your app which would permit them to pay cash through different modes of cards like debit, credit, visa, master and much more.


Such matrimony app development for iOS costs relatively lesser than Android as the iOS app requires very less amount of devices to be tested against. Thus, the creation of such apps for iOS software rather than for Android phones would benefit you a lot much more comparatively.